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Amarant (Illustration, 2000)

Ever since the first game shipped on the classic NES, I've been an undeniable Final Fantasy goon. I'm not quite to the point where I'll dress up like the characters and head out to anime fan-ventions on weekends or anything, but I am pretty far gone regardless. Take, for instance, this bit of fan art I crafted for a non-central character of the ninth game in the franchise, appropiately titled "Final Fantasy IX." This guy's name is Amarant, and though he doesn't really say much during the game, he's still a fantastic character design. Come to think of it, FFIX had among the best-looking characters of the entire series.

Anyway, I'd previously colored this once before, but was never really happy with the way the finished product came out. For the purposes of this new portfolio site, I've taken it upon myself to re-color and re-decorate the whole thing, and I'm much happier with this second attempt.

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