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Batman: Street Fight

Batman: Street Fight (Illustration, 1996)

I'm a Batman geek. It's not that I'm really all that enthralled by the ongoing tales of the caped crusader, nor that I've been captured by any one artist's take on the character in particular (well, ok.. aside from Frank Miller)... I just think his is a brilliant origin and basic design. Batman's tendency to use the shadows to his own advantage makes sketching him a much more creative, enjoyable experience than studying, say, Superman or Spider-Man. Even in everyday life, a point of light (or lack thereof) can create seemingly impossible effects and situations out of everyday environments. It means every time you draw Batman is potentially an entirely new excuse to alter his appearance or customize his surroundings to fit whatever you feel like drawing that day.

This is from my junior year of high school, when Todd McFarlane was still my primary influence and my holy trinity consisted of Spawn, The Crow and prolonged exposure to the records of The Cure. Thus the moody surroundings. The actual sketch is much larger than I've presented here, but I don't think it's very successful until it's cropped down to this size.

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