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Batman: Cape and Cowl Detail

Batman: Cape and Cowl Detail (Pencil Illustration, 1997 / 2004)

A strange illustration, which I'd done the preliminary sketch and basic layout for during my freshman year at Ball State University, forgotten about, rediscovered seven years later while compiling artwork for this very site, and completed at that time. I always tried to introduce some sort of inhuman, animalistic sense to my drawings of Batman, however subtle, and really like the way this one came together in that respect. The portion of his cape located in the background is more than a little reminiscent of a bat's wingspan, which has always been the intention of that aspect of his costume (at least, from what I've been able to gather.) I'm also a fan of adding larger-than-normal ears to Batman's costume, as well as curly, pointy tops to the top of each of his shoulders, both of which enraged my buddy, Alex (a lifelong Bat-a-holic himself) to no end.

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