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Cluck (Poster Design, 2000)
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This was kind of a response to the brainless, obnoxious advertising campaign of the "truth commission." You know the one. The guys who run those self-righteous, pile of crap anti-smoking campaigns. A couple years ago, I found out that the truth commission was, in fact, funded by big tobacco... due to federal law, they must invest a certain portion of their profits in an anti-smoking public awareness campaign, and these "truth" brats are the end result of that government mandate. So, basically, those commercials are accomplishing exactly what they want them to. They're making victims out of the tobacco corporations. Armed with that fact, I've got to admit it's an ingenious campaign and it works masterfully. I'm still not going to run out and buy a carton of cigs just to stick it to these commercials, but I certainly don't have any sympathy for somebody who got lung cancer because they were too weak minded to quit smoking.

Basically, though, this poster is a warning. To myself. I'm allergic to chicken.

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