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The Green Room

The Green Room (Lino cut, 2000)

I was playing around with multiple-color Linolium printmaking with this print, which is a process that's easy to explain but mind-numbingly time consuming and difficult to actually produce. Basically, you cut out a fraction of the block, print it with the lightest color you plan to use, cut out a little more of the block, print it with the second-lightest color, and so on down the line. Since it's so hard to consistently line up the colors on top of one another, most prints employing this method use only three or four colors. For "The Green Room" I used over a dozen. These prints weigh more than twice as much as the rest of my portfolio, since the ink is caked so heavily in some areas.

I managed to capture the boring, clinical feel I was shooting for with this print, but something about the final product still feels unfinished to me.

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