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Naked Vader

Naked Vader (Pencil Illustration, 2000)

This sits exactly opposite my sketch of Ben "Obi Wan" Kenobi in the little black sketchbook I carried around with me for most of the year. I think it started out as an attempt to remember what "Radical Rick" from old issues of BMX Plus! used to look like, and then evolved into a completely hilarious and out-of-place sketch of an alternately masked Darth Vader, practicing his lightsaber moves in the buff. Or he could be wearing a pair of really tight sweats, I guess, since I didn't go so far as to detail his genitals. I like the dynamic posturing in this one, and the musculature is about as tight as I ever got. Why are superheroes always clinching every single muscle in their bodies and gritting their teeth, even in the most unnecessary situations?

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