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Punk and Funk: Americana

Punk and Funk: Americana (Ink Illustration, 1997)

As I mentioned in the previous Punk and Funk illustration, my buddy Eric and I were planning to create an ongoing series starring these two guys, based loosely upon our own daily experiences. I'm not really sure what's going on here, why we're dangling from a flag pole or how exactly we plan to get down, but it is notable that this marks the first appearance of Funk's sock puppet, as well as Puck and Fuck, the two gargoyles who were meant to be shadowing our every movement. The environment isn't really what we were shooting for with this one, as the city seems way too crisp and clean to be a decaying industrial zone, and I just got way out of hand with my use of cross hatch. Not my best work, but I think the perspective is fun, and the little bits of humor (such as Punk's saluting the American flag as it floats past) are decent, I guess. The lighting is all wrong in this illustration.

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