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Hello, there. Good work, stumbling your way across the bountiful majesty that is Lamberger dot com, even if I don't have any idea how you got here. We're much happier to see you than you are to see us, I'm almost certain.

Yes, this is the new web-space and e-mail server (mostly e-mail server) of the infamous Lamberger clan. Originating in Pittsburgh, PA and now stretching all across the country with members in Indiana, Florida, California, and Pennsylvania, the name Lamberger is revered and respected across the world.

OK, now I'm just making stuff up. Really, all I'm trying to do right now is fill the page with text, so that it looks like we've got some content in here. Oh yeah, and I'm trying to implement a few keywords, so the search engines can find us without much problem. If I say the word "Lamberger" about fifteen more times, we might just wind up the number one search result for that category on google! Hot DAWG!


But yeah, even if I am rambling without much of a point here, I do have the intention of filling these pages out sooner rather than later. Even if it is just boring family photos, little text updates and groovy links or timelines, we'll do our best to pop those suckers on in here. So check in more often, especially if you're a Lamberger. Haha, see how I snuck in the word "Lamberger" again? Oh! I just did it again! Man, we are gonna RULE in the search engines!

The only really big news to mention at this moment is that I, Joe's youngest son, have been recently engaged. Yes, the bearers of the Lamberger name continue to wed, uninhibited. On July 8th, 2003, I proposed to my girlfriend of nearly five years, a lovely young woman named Autumn Musick. She's got a great last name, too. Chances are, you'll be hearing from us again as the date draws near. But until then, keep checking out this site as we continue to fill it with boring crap.

    -Sean Lamberger, 07/25/03

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