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Christmas Joy

We are Lambergers. We are not traditional. We are offbeat.

We are Joe, seen to the left in the santa hat. We are businessmen, owners of a small corporation and programmers. We are remarried to a lovely wife named Alice. We are owners of an enormous dog named Jake. We live in sunny San Diego and love SUVs. A lot.

We are Erin, second from the left. We are students on the brink of graduating with a masters from Indiana University. We are former athletes who left the spotlight to pursue academic interests. We like pie. We think.


We are Sean, second from the right. We are engaged to the girl of our dreams. We are owners of two cats, each named after characters on separate cult television programs. We are art directors and HTML / ColdFusion developers. We are having a great run of it.

We are Pam, furthest to the right. We are interlibrary loan specialists pursuing our masters in library science at IUPUI in Indianapolis. We are loving mothers, excellent cooks and future presidents of the United States. We need a cat. Or two. Preferably two. Surprise us with a set of cats this year.

We are friendly. We do not bite.

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