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As the group's mysterious founding members were often known to say, "the whole is merely as strong as the sum of its parts." The shadowy trio refused to accept any new members, despite constant pressure from record executives to complete their sound with the addition of a drummer and / or a full symphonic orchestra. Even today, three quarters of a decade after their last performance, the full names of its members are not commonly known. Known under a variety of
aliases, only their first names are known for certain. Sean, the group's
tallest member, was Clinchpoop's lead vocalist and crafted the band's memorable tape effects. Craig, the only member of the band with dark hair, bucked tradition by leading through his guitarwork and backing vocals, rather than playing the stereotypical role of the lead singer. And Nick, the bespectacled bass player, provided solid rhythm to each song, masking the absense of a drummer with undeniable ease. He would also lend his voice to vocals wherever appropriate. The whereabouts of each member is currently unknown, and only a small handful of photos were ever taken during Clinchpoop's lifespan.

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