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The band's members first met through a series of chance occurrences. Though the clinching three have been known to speak in riddles and lies during their few published interviews, leading both fans and journalists astray with their unbelievable tales and mysterious stretchings of the truth, one fact is absolutely certain; the band's hometown. Founded in the rainy fisherman's haven of Noblesville, Indiana during the autumn of 1994, Clinchpoop rushed through its
own baby steps, arrived on the budding midwest musical scene and
made a profound impact all within a single year. Mere months after their first practice session, Clinchpoop found an ideal partner in record label OEO International. Despite constant rumors of disagreements between management and the band itself, their relationship was a mildly successful one and the band soon embarked on a well-attended national tour. While working on a follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album, "Poop-Track," rumors began to surface that Clinchpoop was on the verge of being flushed. Days later, the members themselves appeared on worldwide television to confirm that they were dissolving the group permanently due to "a glass of bad milk." Numerous sources have cited their own reasons for the band's split, but only the members themselves know what led to the band's demise on that foggy day in late 1995.