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Goodwill for all

ZZ Top: Greatest Hits

Dressed Like the Man

One cold winter afternoon in late 1998, Alex and I decided that we really, really liked our new 'Goodwill' suits, and made the mutual decision to wear them to our morning printmaking class. Coincidentally, if you were rushing a Frat at that time, your hazing involved wearing a suit every Monday for several months. Ever the ones for controversy, we wore ours on a Tuesday and proclaimed ourselves the wittiest protestors of fraternity life on campus. College life really is like its own little world.

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The Dark, Suited, Q Exploring the Glowstick Phenomenon Fitted for Cement Shoes Jeremy Looks Exhillerated

Click the closeup of my own mysterious, shadowy face to see the sister photo that goes along with this one. Is there even such a thing as a 'sister photo'? That second button is a link to the official Goodwill web site, home of many fine threads such as the ones Alex is sporting here. Finally, you'll get to see, hear and read all about ZZ Top's Greatest Hits. Come on, that joke wrote itself. And it's not even that funny of a joke. Hit me.


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