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The Godfather

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Teflon Dons

Alex and I, having decided we were opposed to the very idea of fraternities at Ball State, decided to protest those who chose to rush. Our revolutionary idea, bound to shape the very campus upon which we stood? Wear a full suit on a Tuesday, for about an hour and a half. Radicals we're not, though this getup really attracted attention when I put on my dark black trenchcoat and we stalked down the path that led to the Fine Arts Building. Alex looked every bit like a young, tacky John Gotti, while I looked like his mysterious personal bodyguard. Interestingly enough, Sororities are technically illegal at BSU and are forced to meet in "secret", without the privacy of a Sorority house to call their own.

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Al As "Dapper Dan" The Dark, Suited, Q Exploring the Glowstick Phenomenon Jeremy Looks Exhillerated

Yeah, like I can do the whole mob angle without mentioning Coppola's Godfather Trilogy. I didn't see this movie until I was 22 years old. That whole "revolution will not be televised" quote came from the mind of a guy called Gil Scott Heron, who has a pretty solid head on his shoulders. I'm linking you up to an article about his work. The man in the third photograph has a bird on his head.


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