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Behind the "Music": Motley Crue

Rave 'Till Dawn: The Tide Era

Raving Like None Hath Raved Before

Ever the motley crew (and I'm most DEFINITELY not Tommy Lee), Alex, Matt and I dress up like monkeys in fancy suits for one of those "raves" the kids are going gaga over these days, this particular one held deep within the bowels of Muncie's dark alleyways. This is possibly the only appearance of my big white vinyl jacket throughout the site, which is truly a shame.. because it rocks sheep, and because Alex and Amy "borrowed" it, and then moved to Arkansas. Any jacket that has buckles, instead of snaps or a zipper, is OK by me. That's $5 well spent, boys and girls. Halleluia for Goodwill. For the record, I never went back to another "rave." They're worthless.

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Al As "Dapper Dan" The Dark, Suited, Q Fitted for Cement Shoes Jeremy Looks Exhillerated

Not that I really want to glamorize the lifestyle by giving them a link, but.. hey. Click the kid with the lightsabre to read up on Glow Sticks, which are very stupid. The second link is VH1's Behind the Music DVD for Motley Crue, Tommy Lee and all. The blonde guy looks like a woman. The last link allows you to discover information about what kind of music you could find at a rave. This particular compilation is titled Rave 'Till Dawn, and sports cover art that looks like laundry detergent.


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