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Despite the pleas of its rabidly devoted fans, the mighty entity known as Clinchpoop decided to end their artistic relationship some time near the end of the year 1995. With the real world tugging the original members in opposite directions, the decision seemed almost predetermined, like a frail tree being torn apart in the windstorm. This site has been created, not only to honor the memory of what once was, but to also hold a torch for what still might be (a reunion tour?)
and to introduce new fans to the intricate beauty that was the group's
body of work. If you're experiencing these tunes for the very first time, be warned; though they may appear simplistic, immature and even petty at first glance, there is a depth to these songs that must be absorbed before it can truly be appreciated. Just as thousands have been moved to tears by the gentle beauty of "The Sloth Song," thousands more have experienced the encaged fury of "Turn That Frown Upside Down" or the anti-establishment battle cry of "Clip Clop." This was a group with legitimate range, with the ability to go from sunshiny highs to grimy, bitter lows. This was a relationship that ended far too soon. This was Clinchpoop.