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Architectural Study: 4

Architectural Study: 4 (Photograph, 2000)

This is a combination of a couple of my favorite themes: broken-ass old buildings and diagonal, alternating yellow and black lines, best known for their use on construction equipment and the lids of the "traps" they used to catch ghosts in Ghostbusters. This was taken during one of my late nights out roaming the mean streets of Muncie, after I discovered a nearly abandoned old parking garage behind the hospital. From the looks of things, both the guard rail and the arm of the toll booth have taken a pretty large amount of unnecessary abuse in their lifetimes, not to mention the booth itself. Maybe that's got something to do with why nobody used the garage any more... maybe someone lost their life in that booth, late one night during a particularly grueling graveyard shift. Then again, maybe somebody just got tired of replacing the arm every weekend, since that's about how often the BSU students would rip the barrier of the on-campus parking garage off of its hinges.

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