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Ronald and Me

Ronald and Me (Photograph, 1998)

The Meijer Supermarket in Muncie had this frightening, life-sized, plastic Ronald McDonald that always hung around the wooden bench next to the McDonald's in the center of the store. This thing was truly horrifying, and at the time I thought it was unique to this location (I've since learned otherwise.) Regardless, I overcame my fears and took a series of photographs featuring the inanimate Ronald, but this one's the only shot that came out halfway decent. This is probably the corniest thing I've ever done, and it just screams corporation, which is precisely why I love it so. I'd love to see McDonald's use a similar shot in some of their internal advertising.

Incidentally, that's my fiancee, Autumn, modeling alongside the horrific molded clown. I should've asked her to marry me right then, when I realized she was going to stick with me despite all the stupid things I'm interested in.

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