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Ever since I first laid my eyes on a copy of Microsoft Paint, (and subsequently attempted to rip off a drawing of the old 7-Up mascot, Cool Spot) I've had a wild hair up my ass about producing computer-generated artwork. In retrospect, I guess it's good that I never got around to plucking said hair, as I currently pay the bills as an honest-to-goodness professional web designer. Yes, I huddle in front of my very own copy of Adobe Photoshop CS from 9AM to 6PM every business day, hammering out web sites for GravityFree clientele, then I come home and fire up my home copy of the same software and start doing the very same thing in my free time. I'm told it's a lucky draw if you wind up doing what you love as a regular occupation, so for that I guess I'm thankful. Computers have always been good to me, even if I've not always reciprocated.

Because there are so many works that could be considered "digital" in my online portfolio, I've divided them up into three easy-to-understand categories: Web Design, Photoshops (which often border on the bizarre) and Other (which may very well contain a few works produced with Photoshop). Choose which style you'd like to peruse with the links below this text, and then click the teensy little B&W thumbnails at the bottom of each section to navigate within the available pieces. Or you can see what I've created in another medium entirely by clicking the styles along the left hand side of this page.

Choose wisely:

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