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I don't sketch nearly as much as I used to. With my unyielding dependence upon computers for almost every aspect of my life, I'm always afraid that my hand skills are decaying away to nothing. Still, it was pencil and paper that first got me interested in art, and I still pour a lot of my soul out on the rare occasion that I do pick up a pen or pencil. A lifelong comic book enthusiast, there's an undeniable funny-book influence in my illustration, one that's not just limited to subject matter. Unfortunately, I didn't really find anything worth featuring on the site that WASN'T a sketch of a comic book character or a fantasy creature, so you're just going to have to accept this as the geeky little cubby hole that it is. As always, my hopes are that this section will expand as I find more items hidden away in my closet that are worth featuring on the web.

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