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Until I really started to pay attention to the medium in college, printmaking was always the bane of my existence. I loathed woodcuts, I hated lino blocks and I wished for quick death to all who enjoyed EZ-Cut. The only method I could even imagine enjoying was serigraphy (aka silk screening), and that was only because I could use it to print my own T-Shirts. But when I started taking specific courses on printmaking my freshman year at Ball State, I absolutely fell in love with the medium. I took as many printmaking courses as I could handle, and very nearly added it as my minor. I adore lithography, loved my fleeting experiences with serigraphy and actually learned to appreciate woodcuts, lino prints and (god forbid) EZ-Cut. A couple great professors really changed my perception of what could be accomplished with printmaking, and it's become one of my favorite pastimes today.

Because there are so many prints in my online portfolio, I've divided them up into three easy-to-understand categories: Lithography, Serigraphy and Other (which contains everything else). Choose which style you'd like to peruse with the links below this text, and then click the teensy little B&W thumbnails at the bottom of each section to navigate within the available prints. Or you can see what I've created in another medium entirely by clicking the styles along the left hand side of this page.

Choose wisely:

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