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Lucha Libre; the Sport of Kings

Atomic Blue?!? Wha...?

The Fury of the Aquabats

Shirtless Mexicans and Pooping Roommates; That's the Life for Me
Tender Moments Between BP's Face and my AssOff the Pleasure ChartsThe Unmistakable Visual of Jeremy, Mid-ShitThe Dark Boob Strikes BackAutumn Tries Not to Look Happy

By this point firmly dug into my little hole of Muncie Indiana, I'd become more and more likely to act strange, bizarre, nutty and all around retarded. The bathroom photography continued (well.. was there ever really a stop..?), the Dark Boob made a Ball State appearance, and my butt was all over the place. It was the bizarro summer, spanning the months of August through September, 1999. The thumbnails are there for you to touch.

Click the images in the left margin for some related links. Well... scratch that. Sometimes they're related, sometimes they're just stupid.

Because I'm sure you're curious, I've linked directly to a bizarre, short, writeup about Lucha Libre, the Mexican art of masked wrestling. Continuing the theme, I did a search at Amazon for Lucha, and came up with this bizarre little VHS gem. Atomic Blue, which appears to be a really, really bad action film starring a Mexican wrestler. If you're looking for a surprise gift, y'know... I wouldn't say no. Finally, I've given you the most precious link you'll ever click. The Fury of the Aquabats is just a sweet, fun record. You should touch it, caress it, hold it and love it.

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