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The Hidden Fortress

The Four Horsemen of 1989

Samba de Amigo

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As the jumbled, black and white mess above these words is trying to tell you, I've finally finished the lengthy process of setting up my "about" section and have deemed it ready for public perusal. What you'll find, buried within these poorly organized archives, are little peeks into my own consciousness. I have some sort of unnatural fascination with categorizing, enjoying and reviewing the entireity of my collection of material possessions. It's like I feel I've wasted my money if I don't get every last drop of enjoyment out of something. So I've started writing reviews of almost everything I own. In addition, I have an unhealthy attachment to World Wrestling Entertainment, and pro wrestling in general. With the help of a couple close friends, I run a somewhat successful website devoted to wrestling opinion columns, upon which I've posted nearly two hundred original columns of my own.

So, like the anal-retentive tool I am, I've thrown them all together into one ill-conceived set of archives. Look at the area just above the black and white image that hovers on top of this text. See that listing of categories and such? The thing that says "about: dvd, cd, gaming...?" That's called "SUB-NAVIGATION." Clicking on any one of those options will take you to a series of pages documenting my involvement, experiences and opinion(s) on whichever topic you've chosen. Unfortunately, CD reviews aren't ready to be seen yet, but feel more than free to take a look at what I've put together in the other areas. The wrestling archive alone took me months to clean up, format and put together. So appreciate my effort! Read my work! Enjoy!

Each page comes fully equipped with three distinct, related links on the left hand side of the page. This is both a usability thing and a way for me to show you what the hell I'm talking about in many of these instances. In DVD reviews, if I mention another film you'll get a link to either my review of that, if one exists, or a link to its Amazon information page. Likewise, if I mention a particular wrestler in one of my wrestling reviews, I'll link you to their personal site or at least some biographical information, to give you further background on the topic at hand. Boldly click away, they'll always open in a new window (unless they're another page of my own site). I've started things off on this page with links to a few of my favorite reviews and/or columns.

The first review I've linked you up to is lonely, over in the DVD review section. The Hidden Fortress, one of the films of the great Akira Kurosawa, wasn't quite what I was expecting. But that's OK, I guess. The series of wrestling columns I've linked below that are simultaneously the most well known and personally satisfying I've ever written. In all modesty, my History of the Four Horsemen piece is a damn fine read. Finally, one of my true favorites... a classic from the glory days of the Sega Dreamcast called Samba de Amigo. You need to enjoy this game at least once before death. Maraca controllers optional.

Copyright © Q 2006. If you want to link me or repackage my words somewhere else, it's cool... just let me know.
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