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I'm still trying to figure out if this is the way I want to organize my photo section or not. But, whatever, for right now it's gonna have to do.

Welcome to what's traditionally been the most exhaustively enormous, yet completely unnecessary portion of my site... the infamous "photography" section. I've tried to trim this formerly enormous area down quite a bit, because there was a lot of really boring stuff taking up space here before. Basically, this serves as both a way to remind myself of what I was doing at different periods in my life and as a means for other family members to peruse these sacred archives. Of course, chances are very good you're neither me nor a family member, so I guess it's cool for the occasional drifter to find his or her way around my photo albums, too. I've tried to keep these somewhat entertaining for that very reason, so click the thumbnails and check out what I've got to say.

Each page comes fully equipped with three distinct, related links on the left hand side of the page. This is both a usability thing and a sneaky way for me to archive and share all the bizarre sites I know of and frequent around the web. Boldly click away, they'll always open in a new window (unless they're another page of my own site). I've started things off on this page with links to a few of my favorite photography-related web sites.

Listed first is, bar none, one of my favorite sites on the web. Simon Hoegsberg set up a camera in the window of his studio, snapping pictures at random, for a whole year. The result is this site, full of unprepared models who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Simon Ladefoged, master of the second link, owns not only an insanely difficult last name, but also a tremendous portfolio of photography and Macromedia Flash design. The final link takes you to a site named The Blue Sea and Sails, home to several photographers and another really nifty Flash site design.

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