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The middle Powers

The Land o' Lakes Hooter Trick

Your Sister's got nice lakes

Michiana! That's the life for me!
Posing with the Powers BoysLet's Climb Up on Old PolarisIt is... Too Sexy...

Making our yearly migration to his dad's cabin up in Michigan, Joe, Eric Powers and I spent some good, quality, sunburnt skin-peeling time in the sunlight before Joe and I made our first trek to San Diego. Many a tank of gas met its demise at the hands of our jet skis during these days, and many an under-inflated inner tube threw us from their violently thrashing bodies. Yet, despite the accessibility of knee boards, the mighty Polaris two-man jet ski, an elderly motor boat and a wake board, much of our attention went to the mighty "Aqua Patio" which floated menacingly on the same dock. Perhaps some day we'll tame that wild beast. As of August, 1999, when most of these photos were taken, we hadn't yet gathered the intestinal fortitude. Click the thumbnails for a closer look and a more detailed explanation.

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Clcik his own smilin' face to visit a page I dug up, published by one Eric Powers, which he's surely forgotten by now. Enjoy the lengthy content! Download the enormous pictures! I did mention it in the header, so the second link is slightly related. Click the smilin' Native American chica to learn all about performing your own Land o' Lakes titty trick. Sounds kinky. Click the traditional waterfront photo to visit the official site of Sister Lakes, Michigan, the small town where the cabin is located. Fear the locals. And Dirt Beach.

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