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At least Autumn doesn't hurl black goo at random

He's got a really cool name.

Supertones Strike Back

Stuff That I Just Couldn't Bring Myself to Classify; Part Deux
Chewbacca Poses with AutumnSerious Doesn't Necessarily Mean StupidUncomfortographyMy Hair Looks Like it was Sculpted by an AssTie Her Down Good Boys

Since the first 'Miscellaneous' section reached the boiling over point, the time seemed right to open up my horizons... sort of expand my portfolio, with a second Miscellaneous section. This one might as well be subtitled 'the many faces of Sean', as my facial features here rotate like some sort of ugly, ugly turntable. The different complexions date at different points throughout 2000. click a thumbnail to learn of your own joyous, hidden appearance.

Click the images in the left margin for some related links. Well... scratch that. Sometimes they're related, sometimes they're just stupid.

Autumn's doing her silent raptor impression in several of these photos, which usually means she doesn't want to be photographed. Learn more about her leathery bretheren at the official Jurassic Park website. Be careful of those animated gif torches, though. You've gotta admire this kids' site I've linked to, which has the balls to Make fun of Jaromir Jagr's haircut. Below that, even, I've linked you on up to the Amazon info for Supertones Strike Back, the only decent record ever made by the guys who ripped off Superman to produce the shirt I'm wearing in one of these shots.

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