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What? Amish? In... Noblesville?

Confused? Me too.

The mother of all K's

The Pinnacle of my Social Life
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I didn't attend my Junior Prom, instead opting to spend the evening working at Michaelangelo's Italian Delicacies and wondering why I didn't ask the girl I probably should've. My Senior year, I was on the verge of making the same mistake when my buddies Yos and Goob managed to talk me out of whatever dumbass stupor I was in. I asked the right girl (though the girl I should've asked the year before had since moved away), she gave the appropriate answer, and everything was golden for a short while. These were shot with a disposable camera during one weekend in May, 1997. Click the thumbnails, read up on a little bit of Lamberger history, cram for next week's test.

Click the images in the left margin for some related links. Well... scratch that. Sometimes they're related, sometimes they're just stupid.

I actually found a mention of my first employer, ye olde Michaelangelo's, restaurant of asse. If this reviewer had known what went on behind the scenes, perhaps (s)he wouldn't have been so favorable. The second photo showcases yours truly, spending a few minutes alongside my old high school running buddy, The Goob. He's so special he gets "the" placed in front of his nickname. For some reason, I seem to remember spending a lot of time at the Noblesville K-Mart during high school... but I don't ever remember actually buying anything there. Weird.

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