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The Ten Story Nightmare

007: GoldenEye for the N64

The Fury of the Aquabats

Bear That Pale, Hairy Chest! Do it!
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Once I'd reached the second semester of my Sophomore year, I'd pretty much decided that I'd had as much of dorm life as one could handle. Sure, it had been fun living in a miniscule 12 x 11 room with a single roommate. Sure, I would miss the impromptu wrestling matches in the hallway, the stink of underarms and gym socks in my room after a dozen guys had fought one another on the N64. I would fondly remember the stench of vomit in the hallways on a Saturday morning, or how big Brian "Funky B" Ross would never towel off in the shower, instead leaving a river of dripping shower water in his wake as he made his way down the hallway. Yeah, uh, why did I decide to leave again? We were camera happy, one week in September, 1998, as that's when each of these shots were taken. Click the thumbnails to learn more about these horrifying stories

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That glowing green grass, that sturdy red-bricked building, those perfectly maintained shrubs.. no, this looks nothing like Lafollette Complex, where I lived for two years. Like I mentioned in the writeup, the third floor played a lot of N64 in my bedroom. The game of choice varied pretty regularly, but the all time favorite would have to be Goldeneye: 007. What a great multiplayer game that was... Finally, I still remember the day that I walked into the dorms carrying a brand new copy of Fury of the Aquabats. A more perfect match couldn't have been found; these insane superhero ska band members, and this third floor of insanity.

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