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Brian Michael Wyrick


Sophomore: A Portrait in Blacks
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When the feared Derwenskus Painting I class took a field trip to Chicago in November, 1998, Autumn drug her camera along in hopes of completing a photo project. And, you guessed it, craziness ensued. We're all lucky to be alive after the hell that was the drive deep into the heart of the city, courtesy of Ms. D's turn at the wheel. Seriously.

Click the images in the left margin for some related links. Well... scratch that. Sometimes they're related, sometimes they're just stupid.

If you've ever wondered how toilets work, now's your chance. Just click, uh... the toilet. If you're interested in the smilin' dark-haired fellow in one or two of these shots, you're gonna be looking for Bee Em Dubya, aka Brian Wyrick. Click the guy shouting out of the corner of his mouth to get there. And good sir Brian was / has been / is in a relatively well known Black Metal Band, Mara'Akate, who you can sing along with by clicking the one pic below that last one. Yeah.

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