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Another ride on the Vortex...

Learn more about teen depression with Sixteen Candles

VH-1: The Big Movies

High School: Senior Year
Kilt at a Drug Free RallyThe Lord of DarknessPosing with the StraightEdge LineJumperSinging With the Golden LocksUpside Down in the Vortex

High school wasn't exactly among my favorite years.. see, like multiple documented cases in the past, I felt I was the only person in the world forced to endure the tragedy of youthful depression. We'll just call this my grey period, and it lasted about 4 years too long. Yet, despite being the only person in the world, I managed to have a decent time when I felt like it. The vast majority of these were taken between February and May, 1997. If interested, click the thumbnail to head on over to a full description page, complete with *new* words of wisdom from yours truly. Whoo haaa.

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This time you're graced with a glimpse of my bizarre, g-force affected face, offering you a link to more photos from my rebellious High School years. Underneath that is a quick jump to the IMDb coverage of one of the great High School mope-a-dramadies, Sixteen Candles, which is where I got the title to this section. And below that is Amazon info about the VH-1 The Big 80s: Big Movies comp, where I've got the music from the aforementioned John Hughes film saved away.

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