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A Continued, Unnecessarily Dramatic, Collection
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As our second excursion to San Diego wound down, we decided to kill a little time at the oft-referenced, but rarely seen theme park owned by the wee yellow folk; Legoland! After my dad shelled out the friggin' 30 bucks a head they were asking, we took a leisurely stroll around the place. It's pretty lame, really, except for the little section that allowed visitors to build their own drag racers and actually race them against one another. Rest assured everything in these photos (with the possibly exception of Tom) was made wholly of Lego. These were shot during a lazy day in July, 2000. Click on the thumbnails or you're a Duplo.

Click the images in the left margin for some related links. Well... scratch that. Sometimes they're related, sometimes they're just stupid.

Young Thomas, the man with the beefy fingers, is pictured in a few of these shots, loving the LegoMen. He's got a tremendous home page that you'd be ashamed to have missed. Click his face to check it out. The second link is pretty self-explanatory. Click the logo to learn all about the current line of Legos. Maniac. The last link is another official Lego site, this time dedicated to the actual park within which most of these photos were shot. Click the screaming little boy near twin towers to visit Legoland, then click 'California'.

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