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Ah, Keeshound; the lovable, rolling, shit-eating ball of fur


Everything Went Black

Stuff That I Just Couldn't Bring Myself to Classify
Maurice, the One and Only Llovin' LlambThe Father-Son moment, Year OneMy Turn at DrumsThe Father-Son moment, Year TwoPutting My Wallet Chain to a Practical Use

Occasionally, I'll come across something that defies description or logical reason... yet still, I've seen fit to scan them in. For the sole purpose of giving these oddities a place to call their own, I've created something of a safe haven. Rest assured, if the photos really, really suck, I won't bother. But if they're somewhat redeemable, and they don't fit anywhere else, this is where you'll find 'em. There is no rhyme, reason, or potential order to these photos.. they're just strange and interesting in their own unique way. As usual, check the baggage at the door and click the thumbnails for a more detailed description.

Click the images in the left margin for some related links. Well... scratch that. Sometimes they're related, sometimes they're just stupid.

That fluffy, abominable snowman-looking beast is a Keeshound, which is the breed of animal my old dog, Bear, was. Below that is the unmistakable smile of Maurice, my luvin' lamb, who does NOT have a rear opening, despite whatever this sex toy site may claim. Finally, I've linked you up to info about one of Black Flag's albums, Everything Went Black. I don't own anything they've ever put out, but it's something I've been meaning to investigate.

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