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Everybody's got a links page. It's the way we show other people we like them, and is, bar none, the only true code of the internet. If you like something, you link something. The end. It's also the way we all scheme together to grow astronomical Google PageRanks, despite the fact said schemes always seem to fail. Me? I'm not really the kind of page that fits in search engines anyway, so whatever.

These are pages I like. Beware their animated, blinky, deceitful appearance.
Last updated on February 23rd, 2004

The Oratory: Wrestling Opinions. I've Helped Run This For Over Four Years Oratory Opinions: The Opinion Column Site I Helped Launch. The Home of the Q Review. Video game reviews and more. I write for these guys... Samir is a true baby's sheep
Xavier Von Erck is an Angry German. Annngry... Dave Spinosa is a crazy crackah, who done knows his code My best friend, Joe Winchester, runs Good Morning Heartache My buddy Chris Kane runs the official anti-France site
Buddyhead provides the most ass-kickin' irrelevant music reviews of all time I can only dream of having skills like the MK12 guys Are you seriously telling me you don't know of the Onion? Bar none, the funniest site on the net
Become a part of the elitist design scene! The only place in the world that shares my sense of humor Get all retro 80s and shit with X-E Sarasota / Bradenton Designers Unite!
The servers may be unbearably slow from time to time, but when it's working this is the best collection catalog on the net Where I spend much of my weekly earnings I used to visit News of the Weird once a week. Religiously. Free Underground MP3s. You KNOW I like that.


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