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An Elegant Biography

Much like everyone else in the history of the internet, I'm of the firm belief that everyone is interested in learning more about me. Enough about you, let's talk about ME for a minute. Because, really, that's not what we've been doing since the first moment you arrived at the site. Thus, to save everyone the trouble of tossing yet another identical "tell me about you" e-mail into my spam-laden mailbox, here's a somewhat up-to-date biography. I hope that it's everything you ever dreamed it might be. Last tinkered with on September 7th, 2006

Full name: Sean M Lamberger

Nickname: Q, drq, drqshadow

DOB: 7/27/79

Birthplace: Indianapolis, IN

Hometown: Noblesville, Indiana / Muncie, Indiana / Sarasota, Florida / Bradenton, Florida

Parents: Yes

Siblings: A sister that I seem to appreciate more and more, the further apart we grow geographically.

Favorite movies: Fight Club (superb design, spectacular effects in all the right places, and a twist that I truly didn't see coming), Transformers: The Movie (pretty much represents my coming-of-age, right down to a grittier look at life in general and an ongoing pessimistic viewpoint, even in times of triumph), Amadeus (the best villain ever captured on film), Akira (still the greatest anime of all time), Ghost in the Shell (absolutely gorgeous), The Shawshank Redemption (intense character development, which is something sorely missing from the blockbusters of today), Being John Malkovich (the Wizard of Oz for my generation), The Day the Earth Stood Still (sci fi / horror gone intellectual), South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (much more intelligent than you'd like to believe), Gladiator (pro wrestling storytelling without the cheese), Princess Mononoke (made me feel like a kid again) and too many more to list here.

Favorite Soda: Sprite is my life partner. No matter how hard we try... we can't shake one another. If you're going for straight up cola, Pepsi wins the Coke challenge. Coke leaves a piss-ass taste in my mouth, (yes, if your ass could piss, it would taste like Coca-Cola) while Pepsi is full of sweet sugary goodness.

Favorite Alcohol: Sour Apple Puckers, Vodka, Liquid Cocaine, Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour, Amaretto, Irish Car Bomb, Screwdriver or any brand of White Zin. If it's wine and it's red, I'll gladly down it. And that's not due to UB40, either.

Future Job: Eventually I hope to open a design firm of my own, where I can expand my realm of thought with package design, web site programming, motion graphics, videography, whatever suits my fancy on that particular day. Of course, to do this the correct way would require name recognition, establishment within the design community, boatloads of experience and a winning lotto ticket / corporate backing.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I've been with Autumn for over seven years now. We're working on the wedding thing.

Best friends: Yosef, Alex, Kate, Bee Em Dub, FlexDaddy, J3ph, Jay, BP, the Big R, Jizzohn C, Eric V, Amy Leang, Jeremy, Nick O and Craig Pavlue... wherever in the world he might be.

Best quality: My best quality is my constant ignorance of my good qualities

Hobbies: If it's electronic, I'm interested. I'm into Art, my Power Macintosh G4, my Honda Civic Hybrid, my Video iPod, Movies, anything Final Fantasy-related, emulation (NES, SNES, Genesis, GameBoy, MAME), and learning new tricks with HTML, DHTML, CSS, ColdFusion and Javascript.

Things you collect: I collect video games, comic books and stock photography with an intense passion, which would put me somewhere between uber-nerd and king geek. I've also got extensive collections of releases by the Cure, burned DVDs, MP3s, and printmaking remnants. I used to be all clever here, replying that I collect kisses. But no longer!

Recent job: Throughout my college career, I worked at the AC-314 computer graphics lab, where I learned the ins and outs of the glorous Macintosh Operating System. Throughout my senior year and several months into my post-grad life, I worked as a University Technology Fellow, which basically meant I laid out and coded pages for the Ball State web site in between marathon idle surfing sessions. While I was a student, that job got me minimum wage. After graduation, they picked me up for near $12 an hour. I guess those four years were worth it after all.

After that gig faded away, I moved to Southwest Florida, where I worked for little over a month at a hole in the wall named Rocket Digital. I was moved across the country to accept a job that laid off its staff just over one month after my first day. I lived day to day after that, working as a Customer Service Rep at Circuit City, before I took a position at another hole in the wall, called Contractor's Residential Design. I didn't fit there, and fortunately enough was offered a position doing just what I was looking for at GravityFree, where I am currently employed as an Art Director. As of this writing, I've been an employee with GF for four and a half years. I returned to Circuit City for about six months, working nights and weekends to save money for the wedding of eternal procrastination, but have since left again.

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