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The Standard Wedding Set

Ride That Escalator to Christ!

The Wedding Singer Soundtrack

Alex Realizes What He's Done
The Hairy, Sweaty, Stinky GroomsmenMikey Treats Me Like a MareA Garter Works Just Like a Rubber BandWe Tell Alex What He's Just Done

After the quiet, stuffy atmosphere of the actual wedding itself, the door was opened to drinking, merriment and a little more drinking. Alcohol was free to all of legal age before the wretched hour of 7:30 pm, and being 20 at the time, I went ahead and took in more than my share of the natives' fire water. As if the image of Mikey riding atop my back didn't clue you in. This joyous celebration of sound and dance went down just after the Clark wedding ceremony in June, 2000. Click the thumbnails for a more detailed description.

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Check out the activities that preceded this event. It's not exactly a "must see" gallery, but it's nice to have a backstory. Click the happy couple to see photos from the Wedding. The second link takes you to the official site of Elevator World Magazine. Elevator is just a cool word. And the big main page image in this section takes place in an elevator, so... win! Finally, we've got us YET ANOTHER link to the Wedding Singer Soundtrack, which was played for the majority of the reception. If they had a wedding singer, and not a DJ, he would have performed here.

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