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Lincoln at His Roommate's Wedding
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My old roommate and college running buddy, Alex, finally exchanged vows with his long-time girly girl, Amy, in early June of 2000. Frightening as the possibility may sound, I was selected to serve as a groomsman. Alongside my other roommate, Jeremy, Brian Michael Wyrick and Neal (Al's brother and best man), I performed the difficult function of following the groom to the altar, standing, enjoying the ceremony from the front row and escorting one of the lovely bridesmaids out of the church. It certainly wasn't the most difficult task he's ever asked of me. Come to think of it, I can't really recall the most difficult task Alex ever asked of me. He's a pretty low-maintenence friend. Like I said, this all went down in June of 2000. Click the thumbnails.. who knows, you might end up with the garter.

Click the images in the left margin for some related links. Well... scratch that. Sometimes they're related, sometimes they're just stupid.

Link one is all about Lafollette Complex, the dorms where just about every guy in these photos first met. Alex, Jeremy and I lived on the third floor, while Brian lived on four. Linko numero dos takes you to the official web site of Wal Mart, where Alex worked for the first couple years after graduation. Finally, we've got us a link to the Wedding Singer Soundtrack, which was played for the majority of the reception. The DJ actually wanted to buy an old mix disc of 80s tunes I burned, but never got back in touch with me about it. Strange world..

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